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What is this XOOPS ?
We call it Utype XOOPS 2.0.16a ML >UNICODE >UTF-8 >UJiki
  1. Original XOOPS INSTALLER! Every level of someone can install to LOCAL PC & the newest servers with NO trouble! You will be very happy.
  2. CGI/PHP support! Automatic access permission change!
  3. You can select AUTO or MANUAL mode. AUTO has simple forms.
  4. New menu INSTALL FULL MODULES. If you do not like some module, you may make a mask or uninstall it. it is easy way of XOOPS operate.
  5. You can control ONLY ONE user account DB for a lot of XOOPS systems!
  6. Old tech MD5-hash ! This XOOPS can supports others. USERS PASSWORD will be safety!
  7. This XOOPS is supported to multi language by UTF-8!
  8. Supported to XOOPS Cache at every blocks by each language!
  10. OK! Correct DATA for every language by the phpMyAdmin(MySQL5)
  11. OK! Correct DATA for every language by the mysqldump (MySQL5 / UNICODE)
  12. UTF-8 communicates between MySQL5 and PHP5!
  13. PHP5 uses UTF-8
  14. Compressed these every PHP script files. Supeed is the highest than othes XOOPS!
  15. PHP scripts were made by UTF-8
  16. This XOOPS make data by UTF-8 at IN and OUT for WWW!
  17. Encode of every browsers is UTF-8!
  18. Nothig process for language conveter! It is very smooth.
  19. This XOOPS does not use mb_string routine! (without MAIL)
  20. This XOOPS supports ONE TIME PASSWORD!
  21. There is new admin menu for setting days at changing user password to each login!
  22. Every users can change Email address at 24h with safety!
    Original compare and show user of history.
  23. Support perfect in common use e-mail address!
    Support the use in the educational front!
  24. Just after installation
    1. Multilingual function automatic operation
    2. Latest PROTECTOR automatic operation
    3. SSL common proxy server use real time OK!
    4. The heartbeat session extension function deployment. It is not still hijacked.
    5. PM can keep SEND messages!
  25. This XOOPS protects user personal data!
    1. SSL! at registor!
    2. SSL! at login process!
    3. SSL! at password lost process!
    4. SSL! at change e-mail address!
    5. SSL! at edit your profile!
    6. ROBOTS and others can not look at every profile data!
  26. NO problem at server which make PR affiliate automatically!
  27. The XOOPS comment by the guest is equipped with the image certification automatically!
  28. The forum contribution by the guest is equipped with the image certification automatically!
  29. You may be happy that the user group copy function!
  30. It removes the account acquisition of the Affiliate purpose!
  31. MyAlbum-P can support Lightbox already!
  32. Three kinds of Lightbox bundling! (Lightbox 2 / Lightbox Plus / Greybox)
  33. Lightbox automatic function with all BB cords!
    It does not let a link is a page without an image or FLV/SWF/MP3 earlier and become Lightbox. Therefore, the useless communication load cannot happen!
  34. It is a Lightbox automatic function in all modules
  35. Not only the still image but also an FLV animation, MP3 music and the reading aloud are Lightbox automatic processing!
  36. You can choose Lightbox processing with a XOOPS management screen!

- Ujiki.oO 2009 -

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